Piano Rental Agreement


    1.1 Melodica agrees to rent a Piano to the Customer as specified in the quotation for the agreed-upon amount, duration and specification such as brand, model and color. In the case of payment by cheque, all cheques must be cashed and fully cleared in the bank before the piano is delivered to the customer.

    1.2 This Rental Agreement includes the delivery of the instrument, assembling of the items upon arrival at the Customer’s location, one-time tuning and collection of the instruments at the end of this Agreement Term

  2. TERM

    2.1 This Agreement is effective from the Commencement Date and shall continue for the term specified in the quotation.

    2.2 The Commencement Date is defined as the date the instruments are delivered.

    2.3 This Agreement once entered cannot be cancelled or transferred and no refunds in full or part will be given.

    2.4 Melodica reserves the right to terminate this Agreement if there is any indication of Breach of Agreement.


    3.1 Renewal notices will be sent seven (7) days in advance of the end of this Agreement’s term.

    3.2 All prices, terms and conditions may be subject to change on the End Date of this Agreement.


    4.1 The following documents are required from the Customer:

    • Valid Emirates ID copy
    • Passport Copy
    • Visa Copy
    • Trade license Copy (for company)
    • Security deposit in cash (for individual) or cheque (for company) for the full amount of the Piano
    • Full Payment of the rental amount

    4.2 Without these documents, this Agreement is null and void. All security deposits shall be returned upon collection and assessment of the items by a Melodica Service Technician.

    4.3 The Customer shall pay the amount specified online or by bank transfer only. Full payment is required in advance.

    4.4 The Customer shall notify Melodica immediately, by email or WhatsApp, of any change in address or phone number.

    4.5 The Customer shall keep the instrument and accessory(ies) in good condition; shall keep the instrument and accessory(ies) properly protected and safe when not in use; and shall not remove stickers and serial numbers on the instruments.

    4.6 The Customer shall keep the instruments in his/her sole possession, at the delivery address specified in the quotation and shall not by any means sell, lend or sub-rent the instrument to a third party.

    4.7 The Customer must notify Melodica immediately of any damage on the instruments while the instruments is on the rental period. The Customer shall be responsible for any damage caused, which means the Customer shall cover all the expenses for repair. Should the piano require repair or maintenance, the Customer should notify Melodica. The Customer should not attempt to repair, alter, or modify the piano by any third party.

    4.8 In case of loss of accessories or the piano, the Customer shall be responsible to pay for or replace the lost item(s).

    4.9 The Customer shall reply to messages sent or calls made by Melodica for collection schedule. If the Customer fails to respond to messages or to answer the calls, Melodica shall charge the Customer for the days extended after the End Date equivalent to one (1) month of rent.

    4.10 The Customer shall ensure that the instruments and accessory(ies) are in good condition on the collection date.

    4.11 The Customer must ensure that Melodica will have full and free access to the location during the delivery, tuning and collection.

    4.12 The Customer will check the physical condition of the instruments upon delivery by Melodica.


    5.1 The Customer agrees that Melodica shall not be liable for any damage to Customer property.

    5.2 The Melodica Delivery Team shall take photographs of the following upon delivery, as documentation that the piano was delivered in good condition: 1) Serial Number, 2) instruments (top and all sides), 3) Pedals and 4) Accessory(ies) (if applicable).

    5.3 This Agreement supersedes all prior rental agreements and understanding between the parties and may not be changed or terminated orally.

    5.4 This Agreement will be governed by the laws of the United Arab Emirates.

    5.5 This Agreement is subject to the Melodica Data Protection Policy.