Myths About Music and Piano Classes

Myths about music and piano classes

There are a lot of myths associated with learning music and piano classes for those who are beginners. Some say kids should start learning piano and other music classes as early as possible. However, it doesn’t mean that if they get late they will not be able to learn. There are also other perceptions about the beginners.

Myths About Music and Piano Classes

On Children and Adults Taking Beginner Classes

Experts say there is no difference between learning progress of music and piano lessons for kids and adults. Let me explain how! It is fact that children can learn easily than adults, but on the other side, children will need more motivational words to continue their lessons as compared to adults.

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On Practicing Long Hours Every Day

Beginners first need to learn their lessons properly without stumbling and then can move forward for practicing. However, beginners are not recommended to give more than one hour to practice piano. However, it is recommended one or two rest days in week to get rid of mental tiredness.


On Learning Classical Music and Contemporary Songs

Students usually start learning music from popular songs as the cords are straightforward and simple. After taking interest in music and piano lessons students usually go for the classical side. However, if they have interest in contemporary side, then they can start practicing or jazz, rock, blues, etc.


On Having Slender Fingers

It is fact that many pianists have slender fingers, but it is not limited only for them. Anyone can learn even if they have stout fingers. The important thing is that the pianists should have thick muscular joints to have enough strength to hit the keys.

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On Piano Lessons as Stepping Stones

Learning playing piano has different rules from other piano instruments like violin or drums. For example, you should not have to assume that you will have an easier time while learning other musical instruments if you have learnt playing piano. Although the sheet might appear the same in reading and writing but still there is difference while learning or playing these instruments.


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