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Just imagine how would be the future music instruments. I guess they will be visible in front of your eyes situated on windows, tables, and walls. Only a little imagination will be needed and a piece of hardware will be needed to use them.

A team of artists and scientists are working on some new technology in which any surface will be converted to a musical instrument. This technology also called MUTE or “Multi-Touch Every Where”.

Like if you record your clapping sound, snare sound or sneeze, then you say to your computer to play one of them and when you tap a certain part on wall or table, the right side of the table will play drum beats in form of snare while the left side will make some other sound. If you touch both sides your will hear the music of both sides at the same time. This system will use a camera and laser to observe which part you have tapped on the table.

If the surface is more programmed and even if it’s not solid or don’t have any physical shape, it will float in front of you musician and MUTE developer Alain says. “It will work even in the air” as the lasers will create light and when you try to tap it, your movement will be detected. Now you can easily imagine a virtual piano in front of your eyes and face.

When the MUTE system is fixed on a surface, it uses sensors to find the location tapped and it will also create vibration. While the device is not fully the musical instrument, but it allows someone to be creative and this is a method that we are providing to people to create their own instruments.

Another functionality of MUTE technology will be layered sound; e.g. when you are beating drums then you can also add a layer of sound to the drums sound that will play along with the drums sound.


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