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The Recorder - Recording Fun

The Recorder is a flute-like musical instrument. It's made of wood or plastic and has holes for seven fingers and one for the thumb. It belongs to the woodwind family because blowing into the body produces a sound. But anyone can blow air into an instrument - the skill is learning to make notes with those magic fingers!

The Recorder - Cool for School

In many schools in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, learning to play the recorder for a music class is a required part of the curriculum. Even though you may want to jump head-first into learning the guitar or piano, learning the recorder can significantly help you move on to bigger and better instruments.

The Recorder - Learning to Play

When you're starting, your fingers will probably feel clumsy and awkward because you're bending and holding them in a way they aren't used to. With practice, it'll start to feel natural, and your fingers will do what you want them to. You'll also get used to how much pressure you need to apply with your fingers to make a clear note, not one that sounds like a squeaky hinge. While learning to play the recorder, you'll also have to learn how to read sheet music. This is a great skill that can be used with any instrument.

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  • Recorder is a traditional instrument for an orchestra
  • Recorders are cheap
  • Recorder is not easily breakable
  • Recorder is light and don't require a specialized embouchure
  • Recorder can be played without teaching new instruments