Kids Music – Audiation and Learning

Learning music for kids and Audionation

Before learning music for kids, the basic step is the audiation. You might have heard “inner hearing”. The word audiation was basically coined by a researcher in Music Education Edwin E. Gordon.

Audiation is a term used first time by Gordon and its meaning is to comprehending music in the mind. Gordon said that audiation is the basic key for musicianship.

Audiation is to hearing and understanding, the music in mind, even if there is no physical sound. This is a natural process in which your brain interprets the musical sounds. According to Edwin E. Gordon, audiation is the analogous to learn a language.

Mary Ellen Pinzino, founder and director of the Come Children Sing Institute, a center for research and development in music learning, said that audiation is the way to know rhythm and melody. It has a unique place in a human beings mind and audiate means to think the music only in rhythm and melody. Audiation is like music imagination and it’s on a different level of knowing. This is made by human mind and this is music imagination that gives the understanding or framework to learn the music that we use to learn.

Audiation – the foundation of learning music

Audiation occurs when we hear some music silently and it is like giving meaning to music other than sound. This is like to copy the song rhythm pattern. For your kids the fundamental thing in learning music is the audiation. Before learning the music theory and other aspects of music, audiation is always the basic step.

The same thing we do while hearing music silently. We hear the whole words and not the letters. The more words exist in your vocabulary; will be easier for you to understand the music. If you have a better tonal and rhythms pattern, the better you will hear and comprehend the meaning of music. If you want to make your child or student’s speaking’s and listening’s vocabularies better, they must listen and move to different kind of tunes.

This is very important to develop the child’s audiation or inner hearing skills in the early stages as this is really a great foundation and gift to give a child.


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