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Looking for Karate Classes in Dubai ?

What kind of karate classes do we teach?

Melodica provides completely safe training, focused on your child’s fitness and wellbeing. We teach students to channel a positive attitude and to further their own physical and mental progress. This also aids their academic performance. Designed for kids and teenagers, our group karate classes will help your child gain self respect. Our goal is for our students to feel good about themselves. We want them to not succumb to social pressures, and to become more confident. Melodica’s karate lessons are dependent entirely on a tradition that has existed in the world of martial art for generations. Our grading and examination process is certified by the Karate Federation. Students receive state-of-the-art testing to check their progress. This promises that the students’ academic guidance is of the highest quality.

“Karate aims to build character, improve human behaviour, and cultivate modesty; it does not, however, guarantee it.”
- Yasuhiro Konishi

It’s not a leap to say that martial arts has a reputation. It has become synonymous with dubbed movies and iconic action sequences. The words conjure up a grainy image of a lone wolf in the middle of a ring of goons, hands poised to deliver deadly strikes. But martial arts is not about looking impressive while fighting your foes. At its heart, martial art is an approach to life more than it is a combative practice. Our karate classes in Dubai & Abu Dhabi will guide you towards this approach to living. They will also ensure it is done in the healthiest and safest way possible.

What can karate classes do for me?

The word karate in Japanese means “open hand”, which signifies how the martial art is designed. It focuses on the body as a weapon instead of any material object. Naturally, any art form that utilizes the human body will also exercise it in a comprehensive manner. The physical benefits of karate are many. At its core, karate is a workout. One learns how to channel their inner energy. Karate improves muscle strength, reflexes, and cardiovascular health. Moreover, the endorphin release is an immediate mood booster. The combination of an elevated mood with disciplined training produces a positive effect on mental health. Karate's emphasis on inner energy and concentration is also an exercise for the mind. It trains the brain to become aware of the body and channel the energy with razor sharp focus. A karate student not only trains their physical body, but also their mental one.

Is this for me?

Many people don’t fully realize how fruitful karate can be. The process of learning it is so intense and fun. Before you know it, you’ve made a significant improvement. Ultimately, karate aids in enhancing one’s quality of life. If that sounds like something you want for your child, then sign up for Melodica’s karate classes in Dubai. Simply select a location that is convenient for you and put your child on the path to growth.


  • They will get more active
  • They will learn to find focus and stillness
  • They will learn to take hits
  • They will Gain self confidence and self respect
  • They will connect their mind and body
  • They will learn conflict resolution
  • They will learn to breath