How To Improve Timekeeping Skills For A Drummer

As drummers, The primary responsibility is to keep time. This means maintaining a consistent beat at the right tempo when you play drums, without speeding up or slowing down. While it may sound simple, it can be difficult for beginners to master. While some people are naturally skilled at timekeeping, most need to make some effort to improve. The good news is that by taking our drum classes in Dubai, you’ll be able to develop these skills from day one, even if you need to be made aware of them.


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Create a Schedule

To start practicing efficiently. You must first create a practice schedule. Get a sheet of paper and write down the time you need to set aside for practice. Then, list the areas you intend to focus on while practicing, such as “rudiments” or “foot control.” Divide your drum practice into 15-minute segments to work on one area you must improve for 15 minutes daily. Use a timer to manage practice time effectively. Set it for your desired duration and move on to the next task when it goes off. To prevent exhaustion, take a 5-minute break between intense 15-minute practice sessions.

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Start Slowly on Your Drums

Start slow and gradually increase tempo to improve drumming technique.  Although it may seem easier to play more rapid beats, slowing down allows for better accuracy, control, and timekeeping. Remember that speed comes with patience and practice – take your time to build a strong foundation and have more fun in the long run.


Count out Loud

Beginner drummers must understand the importance of counting out loud. This practice is directly linked to developing good timekeeping skills and overall coordination. Counting also helps synchronize with a metronome and provides an audible cue if the tempo shifts. In the initial stages, relying solely on mental counting may be unreliable. However, you must do countless as you develop your playing and internal sense of timing over time.

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Practice With a Metronome

It is expected that drummers today are proficient in playing along with a steady click track. Most studio recordings are done to a click track, and this practice is becoming more common in live performances as well. Even if you are not required to play along with a click track, it is highly recommended to practice with a metronome, as it will significantly improve your sense of timekeeping. This will attract other musicians to your steady sense of pulse and increase your chances of getting more gigs. Fortunately, acquiring a metronome is easy as most electronic drum sets come with a built-in metronome, and numerous metronome apps and websites are available for those with an acoustic drum set. Using a metronome effectively can be challenging, but several healthy practice habits must be remembered when practicing with a click.

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Play Frequently

It’s important to alternate playing and stopping when learning a difficult concept to play in time for more measures in a row. To analyze your performance, play a rhythm for one measure, then rest for one measure while the click persists. Inserting a measure or more of rest quickly reveals whether you’re rushing or dragging and helps you lock into a steady tempo. Getting into a solid groove with the click may take a few measures, but this technique will strengthen your ability to feel the pulse from your first note.

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Take Breaks in Between the Play Time

Taking breaks while working on a task is essential, even though it may seem counter-intuitive. Short breaks help us maintain high concentration levels and focus on the task. These breaks can be as simple as getting a drink, doing stretches, or taking a quick walk away from the task for a minute. Accepting these breaks, you can return to the task with renewed energy and focus. Suppose you work for hours on end without taking a break. In that case, you may experience physical symptoms, such as an aching back or sore arms, and your mental capacity may diminish, decreasing productivity over time. Your timing, ability to focus, and learning speed may suffer.

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Play with Recordings

One practical and enjoyable method to improve your drumming skills is by playing along to recordings. This approach offers an additional interactive experience as you can play alongside other instruments. It also provides different challenges compared to playing with a metronome, ultimately strengthening your sense of timing. Playing along to recordings allows you to synchronize with the beat of other drummers or explore their creativity by responding to the music. On the other hand, playing to a simple click track can be more difficult from a creative perspective. We recommend searching for recordings with the drum tracks to practice this technique. 

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