Dancing Classes for Social Bonding

dance classes for social bonding

Dancing Classes for Social Bonding

Probably there is nothing enjoyable than moving your body with music. According to studies, dancing in parties, events or even in dance classes may increase your social connections or bonds.

According to a research in University of Oxford, Bronwyn Tarr and her colleagues asked some youngsters from Brazilian high school to dance fast like 130 beat per minute, with the electronic music in three groups. The students were guided to dance in sync or without, with each other or without and using low or high level of physical energy.

The participants explained that after their dance they felt closer to their dancing partners than other class colleagues. Exertion and synchrony increased the dancers pain tolerance when it was being measured by a blood pressure cuff. When the students were on high energy, their pain tolerance was on the peak.

According to Tarr, that these two effects could be driven with the release of endorphins hormones that are involved in other pleasures like eating, etc. If your system has more endorphins, it means that you have higher pain tolerance. A study says that these endorphins increased when we groove with each other that is behind the effect of social bonding that you can get after you get involved in dancing classes.

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