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salsa classes in dubai


Attend Salsa classes at Melodica Music & Dance school in Palm Jumeirah Dubai. You will not only learn the Salsa moves, you also discover the deeper influences that inspired the dance movements themselves. If you are interested in our offer, join our Salsa Dance classes at Melodica Palm Jumeirah Branch Dubai. You can take part with a partner and have the chance to go through the dance course together. With our salsa classes, Dubai participants can enjoy an activity that helps strengthen the bonds between partners with its intimate and passionate movements. At the same time, the constant movement makes for a great exercise routine, the two of you can look forward to!



Beginner Salsa Level I course is designed for absolute beginners who have never danced before or who consider themselves to have 2 left feet. For people who have taken Salsa classes in the past and who are not sure or have forgotten their fundamental steps. For people who want to practice their basic steps. For people going to vacation to Latin American countries and want to have basic knowledge of Latin dancing. For people who are looking for a worry-free and social activity to release the daily stress of Dubai life.

You will learn:

  • How to find and hear the salsa beat and dance to the beat. Your basic individual steps and body movements.
  • The basic partnerwork steps including , front and back, side to side, cross back, basic turn for lady, basic turn for men.
  • You will integrate the fundamentals of partnerwork's dance etiquette and start understanding how to Lead (men), how to Follow (women) and how to Connect with your partner.


Beginner Salsa course must be completed. Approval from instructors required to start the Intermediate Salsa Course Level II.

You will learn:

  • A new basic "must know" combination every session (such as Enchunfla, Sombrero...) to allow you more variety in your dancing.
  • You will continue to improve your posture, body movements and combinations.
  • You will strenghthen your patnerwork skills with more leading & following exercises.


Ongoing Salsa classes with more patterns & moves to allow you to dance comfortably during social nights. There will be a special focus in improving your style to make you look effortless on the dance floor. This class is for those who already have a good knowledge salsa. (Approval from instructors required).


We offer more elaborated partnerwork's variations to experienced dancers and start exploring other Cuban dances (Rumba, Son, Chachacha, Rueda de Casino...) to mix on the dance floor depending on the songs rythm. Our goal is to help you enrich your style so you can have a more complete understanding of Latin dances and be confidently spontaneous on the dance floor.


  • Bone and joint health
  • Weight loss
  • Muscle targeting
  • Keeps your body “young”`
  • Improved balance
  • Stronger personal relationships
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