World Largest Guitar is 13 Meters Long

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The World’s Largest Guitar is 13 M Long…

That’s correct – the world’s biggest guitar, approved by the Guinness Book of World Records, is more than 13 M long (that’s around 43ft). Which is almost equals to the length of a bus! Even more remarkably, it’s more than only a model – it’s in fact a playable device, with every string gives the proper pitch.

The guitar, that’s prepared by the Academy of Science and Technology in Texas, with weight around 2,255lbs (it is over 1,000 kgs), got almost one year to make, included airplane cable in the place of strings, and the shape was closed to Gibson Flying V.

How huge the guitar is, and how thick are the strings? You can easily guess that children use to set on the guitar’s body and pull the string with both hands. While some children walk on the guitar with neck down.
The guitar explains the principles of acoustics and demonstrates the science behind the music.

If you try to play a normal guitar, it needs balancing length, tension and thickness of the cords for making tone. While to perform on the big one, requires planning, teamwork and focus.

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