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Are You Thinking to Enroll Your Kid a Music Institute in Dubai

Are You Thinking to Enroll Your Kid a Music Institute in Dubai

It is possible that your kid will be the next Beyonce but she is bound to achieve the music education. So, you are thinking to enroll your kid in a music institute in Dubai. Here are some basic reasons why you should enroll your kid in a music school.

More Than Just Music

Research has proved that involving your kid in music activities like learning joining piano classes, drums classes, guitar classes or violin classes may increase the mental performance and can enhance your kid’s skills that he may use in other areas as well. When kids involve in these kind of musical activities like listening to music and singing may bring some extra ordinary changes in your kid’s learning behavior.

Involving you kid into music doesn’t mean only to use your kid’s voice or finger but sometimes he involves in multiple set of things like using small and large muscles, ears and eyes etc.

Language Development

one of the crucial benefits of music education the language development among those children whose age is between 2 to 9; and this is very important in that particular age as stated by Luehrisen. Moreover, children has all the musical abilities since childhood but they need only to stimulate and enrolling your kid in a musical school may enhance those abilities.

According to another research, musical education has clearly developed the brain in terms of language development. While it was observed that music can develop the left side of brain physically that is involved in language processing.

As discussed music education helps in language development that is further good for brain development that helps your kid to process music, while musical experience enhances your verbal capability.

Increased IQ

According to a research by E. Glenn Schellenberg at Mississauga, University of Toronto, they found a small increase in the IQ of six years old who studied weekly piano and voice lessons. And the same experiment was happened with another group; while, no lessons to the third group. While all groups IQ level were tested before studying the musical classes.

The children who were provided with the musical education had 3 IQ points higher than the others. The benefits that they got were not only in IQ but also they changed socially.

The Brain Works Harder

It has been proved by research that children who are involved in some musical activities, can work differently as they have a large growth in the neural activity than others who are not included in musical activities. You will use your brain more if you are a musician and playing instruments.

Spatial-Temporal Skills

According to another research there is a correlation between spatial intelligence and music. It also means that the abilities of problem solving or math problems solving abilities will be enhanced.

Improved Test Scores

According to Christopher Johnson, the professor of musical education and therapist of music from the University of Kansas has proved that students with musical education programs has performed 22 percent higher than those without musical education.


Then what are you thinking now? If you are in Dubai and want to enroll your kid in one of Dubai music school, come to Melodica music institute in Dubai. We have music teachers from different parts of the world including guitar teachers, singing teachers, violin teachers, piano teachers, etc.


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