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Why It’s Never Too Late to Start Dancing

Do you find yourself searching for dance classes near me late at night but feel it’s ‘too late or you are ‘too old to learn something new? Maybe you are someone who danced as a child but hasn’t taken a dance class for so long that you worry you’ll be embarrassed. Whatever you’re reasoning is,
Read more +04 August 2022 By Afshin in Blog

Why Every Child Can Benefit from Singing Lessons

Many studies have shown how powerful music can be on a child’s development, and singing lessons can be a great introduction to the world of music. Whether or not your child has a natural talent, the skills taught and the habits they bring can be wildly beneficial for the craft of song and in all
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The 5 Ways Dancing Can Help Your Child Thrive

There’s nothing more beautiful than watching a person who loves to dance, even if they aren’t the next prima ballerina of the American Ballet Company. When children grow up with a love of dance, they feel confident in various situations, from school dances to sports that require physical control. Enrolling your child in a dance
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The 5 Benefits Of Learning The Piano

Playing the piano has been shown to improve mental health, increase cognitive function, and improve hand-eye coordination. Whether you are someone who is brand new to the piano, or someone who’s returning to the practice after some time away, piano lessons can have a positive effect on our brain and our lives. In this blog,
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How To Choose The Right Piano Teacher For Your Child In Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Piano lessons can be educational while helping your child develop a new skill, newfound confidence, and the ability to maintain focus. Finding the right piano tutor can make all the difference in a child’s enjoyment of the instrument and progression rate. Whether you’ve been searching for a “piano teacher near me” with no luck or
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How Singing Classes Can Improve Your Voice

Many of us think that the singing voice you’re born with is either good or bad, and there’s not much you can do about it. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth! Vocal classes are highly effective if you want to improve your singing voice. Even those who believe they are tone def can