Kid's music lessons at Dubai Music School


Kids music classes in Dubai & Abu Dhabi / 3-5 Years

Kids Music Classes in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. KiddyKeys is a fresh and innovative approach to teaching piano and music exploration to young children in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Engaging, energetic and highly educational, the KiddyKeys focuses on the piano, teaching young children musical concepts and music appreciation. Appealing to all learners, this kids music classes in Dubai program enables children to explore the piano through improvisation and quickly learn musical ideas. It's a great way to prepare children for school or future piano lessons.  The primary goal of this class is to lay a solid foundation for your child's education. Melodica Institute's Kids Music Classes in Dubai focus on children's developmental stages. All programs and activities are based on the latest music and child development research.  Register your child for our Kids Music Classes in Dubai, KiddyKeys class!

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  • Gives your child that unique head starts you’ve been looking for musically, cognitively, and academically.
  • Inspires a love of music from an early age with songs, instruments
  • Enhances every area of your child’s development
  • Gives you the time and the tools to enjoy quality time with your child
  • Provide a happy social outlet for your child and a valuable support network for you