Melodica Music & Dance School - Motor City

Hessa Street - Waitrose Shopping Center

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   09:00AM to 10:00PM - Everyday
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Melodica Music & Dance Institute - Motor City, Dubai

World-class Music and Dance classes are open to kids and adults of any age. We offer private classes and group lessons from beginner to advanced levels. Enrich, energize, and pursue your journey or career in music and dance at the Melodica Music & school in Dubai. Learning your Music classes at our Music school in Motor City with our teachers and other students will give you fantastic and memorable experiences.

 Music & Dance Classes For Kids & Adults

Why do People Choose Melodica Music & Dance Institute?


Our students learn that pursuing life as an artist and citizen is the necessary foundation upon which a career impact is built. At our Music school in Motor City, we create endless paths for students to explore the world of music as performers and creators. And we are forcing them to embark on the musical journey.


At our Music school in Motor City, we have,


  • High-tech workstations
  • Private soundproofed music rehearsal studio
  • Premium practice rooms 
  • Advanced piano lab with modern instruments 
  • Keyboard stations 
  • Concert performance hall



Melodica Dance School in Motor City, Dubai


Dance as a fine art traverses hundreds of years and societies. Dance teachers' capabilities are fundamental when choosing a dance school for yourself or your kid. The well-being of kids and youngsters is vital. At Melodica Dance School in Motor City, we have qualified teachers who comprehend how their physiology changes as they age and how to show developments, paying little heed to progress in years. Our dance classes will make you a flexible and nuanced dancer through motions & expressions.



You can see feedback from our students by visiting us in the google search reviews or testimonial pages on our website.



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