With millions of fans around the world and many concerts worldwide in the past 20 years, Afshin is no doubt one of the most successful singer and songwriter in the Middle East. Afshin was born on 1978 in Iran. At a young age Afshin migrated with his family to Germany to continue his musical career. In 1999 Afshin released his first album (Scent of Rain) in Los Angeles and started his professional career. Live concerts became a major part of Afshin's career, as audiences went stark raving crazy. Afshin played with his live band A-Team more than 500 concerts Worldwide. Touring around the globe, Afshin has met many people who were interested in music. He always wished to open his own music institute one day. He dreamed of having all music fanatics from all nationalities under one roof. After realizing this wish, he left the cold in Germany and moved to wonderful warmth of Dubai in 2013. With the help of A-Team and KHDA approval, Melodica Music and Dance institute was inaugurated. Melodica has become a major part of Afshin’s professional singing life. He has moved closer to realization of his dream with the most professional and artistic music & dance school in Dubai Sharjah, Al Ain & Abu Dhabi (UAE).

Afshin's Message:

With great pleasure, I welcome you to our school. I founded Melodica to share my love of music and performing with aspiring musicians, singers and dancers. It is my privilege to see you participate in our quality learning programs and performances, and support you through your journey. At Melodica Music & Dance School our core values include continuous development and mutual respect. We always strive to improve our student experience and welcome your feedback. If you have any suggestions, comments, or requests, please share it with us at happiness@melodica.ae. We wish you all the best in your chosen field. Thank you for choosing Melodica and I look forward to personally meeting you in our institute. Its never to late  to make your dream come true.

Yours Sincerely,Afshin