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Drum Lessons

Like other modern instruments, the drum kit is now a fully recognised instrument, on which you can take graded exams in various musical genres, as well as formal study at degree level. Drums have a huge appeal to children, as they are loud and fun! But learning to play the drums will teach any student to listen to music differently, to learn the intricacies of timing and rhythm, and will hugely increase musical knowledge.

We tailor our drum lessons specifically to your tastes and needs so whether its Rock, Pop, Jazz, Funk, Hip Hop, Metal and Garage, we’ve got it covered. The main topics covered include sight-reading, drum techniques & rudiments and drum concepts and play-along tracks plus many more. For more advanced students, we will include Groove Development, Technique Development, Stylistic Studies, Fill Development, Co-ordination, Practice Routines, Band Advices, Drum Tuning Tips, and live performances.

why to learn Drums at melodica?

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Kids & Adults (7+ Years)


Starting from 580 AED per month




Exams & Certificate


  • Drumming is for everyone
  • Drumming reduces stress and boosts the immune system
  • Drumming produces deeper self-awareness
  • Drumming helps to releases negative feelings and emotional trauma
  • Drumming helps us to connect with self and others
  • Drumming helps us connect to the natural rhythms all around us
  • Drumming provides a path by which we may access a higher power