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Dance classes

Looking for Dance Classes in Dubai?

Melodica Music and Dance Institute offers a variety of dance classes for kids & adults in Dubai including Classical Ballet, Hip Hop, belly dancing, Salsa Dance, Yoga and Karate. Our dance membership program is very unique and you and your lovely child have unlimited access to all dance activities at our studio.
Our main focus is teaching classical RAD Ballet (Royal Academy of Dance). Our Ballet classes are for children and mothers from the age of 24 months, for youngsters girls from 3 to 15 years as well as for adults. Book Your free trial class and Join a dance class you like!

Melodica Dance Classes For Kids

Kids dance classes undoubtedly are a good means for your kid to have exercise as well as fun. It's great for fitness and even so, your kid will understand fundamental behavioral disciplines. For many youngsters, they dance just for exercise and fun. Most of these dance lessons have a combination of classes which are ideal for children like Ballet, hip hop, etc.

Melodica Dance classes for Adults

Dancing is significant for adults as well. Most of adult students have revealed that dance has changed their lives in a positive way. It is a fact that aside from physical exercise dancing is an easy way to find life better, being happier and managing the conditions smoothly. For adults we recommend mostly Ballet, Salsa and Belly Dance.